Children & Families serviced by our agency are those with problems related to abuse or neglect. They may reside in their home or are placed outside the home in an appropriate court ordered placement. This would include: (1) children that have been effected by trauma such as neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, (2) children who have a mental health diagnosis such as attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder, oppositional-defiant disorder, etc. and (3) children who are experiencing depression, eating disorders, or elimination disorders such as encopresis.    We offer a focused scope of visit supervision, training & instruction, and counseling to parents, intact families, step-blended families, single-parent families, parents of newborns, and families experiencing divorce conflict. to preserve families. We also provide Intensive Reunification Services and Supervised Specialized Visitation (SSV) for parents to engage in hands-on skills coupled with Parenting Instruction.
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