Total Family Services LLC, P.O. Box 9-1-1, Ligonier, PA  15658-0911  (mailing address)

​• The mission of Total Family Services (TFS) is to deliver timely and effective treatment to children and families experiencing family problems. Total Family Services has provided professional services since 1991, specializing in community, home-based counseling services dealing with families involved with the Child Welfare System.

• Our staff are mature seasoned therapists who have been with the agency or provided counseling to troubled families for at least ten (10) years.  Our counselors are trained in the most progressive and current therapy approaches to treat individuals and families experiencing abuse and offending issues.
• TFS has been a leader in developing progressive treatment approaches such as Intensive Reunification Services. Intensive Reunification Services are provided by Master’s level therapists who can provide complex treatment approaches as well as hands-on instruction with follow-up expert testimony at Court hearings.

• Office locations are in Greensburg, Latrobe and Ligonier which offer convenient access to families.  These counseling centers are geared to children and families.  TFS home-based counseling extends into all communities in Westmoreland County.

• Our therapists are accessible, with many providing their cell phone numbers to clients and caseworkers.  We encourage agency collaboration, networking and utilizing community resources when dealing with families involved with the Child Welfare system. 

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