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Parenting Instruction
    Instructs parents on child management principles taking into consideration age, developmental needs, family structure, and psychological issues such as AD/HD or emotional issues such as physical abuse or neglect.  The counselor observes parent /child interactions to gather strengths and weaknesses of parenting skills.  These strengths and weaknesses are reviewed with the parent(s) and goals and objectives are identified.  The counselor provides and discusses with the parent training materials to increase weak areas, as well as modeling sound techniques.  Coaching and the use of hands-on-methods with the parent(s) and child(ren) are a significant component of this parent education training.  Diverse family dynamics are taken into account such as divorce, step and blended families, and physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  Counselors will also explore psychological roadblocks of the parents which effects their ability or willingness to improve their parenting such as depression or trauma.  Proper home maintenance will be addressed and safety concerns resolved. Sessions can be in-offce, but are preferred to be in-home.  The objectives of Parent Education Training shall be:
    1) Complete and discuss the twenty-four (24) topics associated with this training.
    2) Increase knowledge and exhibit skills of effective parenting.
    3) Alleviate safety concerns for the family and especially the child(ren).
    4) The parent(s) exhibit an improvement in their ability to effectively manage their child(ren)’s behavior.