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•Conflict Resolution for Couples​:
Is offered to couples in relationships/marriages struggling with a variety of difficulties.  Sessions can be held in-office or in-home.  Couples therapy provides educational and counseling services for issues involving  •  Poor communication •  Domestic violence and Codependency Issues •  Sexual functioning  •  Roles in relationships  •  Co-parenting skills •  Problem-solving techniques •  Sessions can be held outpatient or in-home.  The objectives of Couples Therapy shall be:    1) Remain in a healthy relationship or make a  responsible choice to follow through with separation    2) Develop a reasonable affection and bond towards each other to live together in peace and harmony    3) Learn adult and parent roles to fulfill and maintain a stable relationship.                    •Anger Management Training:                                                                                                                                                              Rage, aggressiveness, verbal abuse and physical violence may be a response to ineffective conflict resolution, stress or psychological problems.  Identified clients work with a counselor to gain insight into the emotion defined as anger.  Clients identify triggers, stress producers, conflict situations and interpersonal interactions which they lose control of the anger.  The counselor helps the client formulate skills to resolve conflict, reduce stress, utilize relaxation techniques, and turn aggression into assertiveness.  Clients learn to sort out their emotions and communicate their feelings in a proactive and acceptable manner.  Sessions are preferred to be in-office, but can be held in-home.  The objectives of Anger Management training shall be: 1) Learning and maintaining acceptable boundaries in expressing anger 2) Elimination of violence, physical aggression and verbal abuse.  3) Utilizing effective stress management coping skills.  4) Decrease aggressiveness and increase assertiveness.  5) Utilize time outs or time away when needed
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